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If you are going to be in the dental chair you might as well be comfortable. With top of the line plush ultra leather chairs, soft blankets and neck pillows, we make being uncomfortable a thing of the past.
Each treatment room has track mounted television monitors that allow the patient to comfortably watch DirecTV or movies whether sitting up or reclined back. Relax and distract yourself with your favorite tv show, sporting event, or movie while receiving the best in dental care.
Enough said. If television isn't your thing, we offer the top of the line Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones that can be plugged into our iTouch with pre-programmed music lists or radio. You can also plug them into your own audio device if you please.
In an effort to reduce paper waste, Dr. Stefanie's office has integrated iPads into her office. The iPads allow paperless patient check in, the ability to fill out new patient forms, HIPPAA and consent forms all electronically. The iPads are also available for patient entertainment and education. Check your email, browse the internet, or watch a video showing the latest dental procedures.
We utilize all digital x-rays which reduce radiation exposure by 90%. A small sensor (which lacks the sharp edges of the old film x-rays) allows the image to be displayed on a monitor right in front of you within seconds. This digital technology also eliminates the paper film and harmful chemicals necessary to develop traditional x-rays.
Dr Stefanie uses the pen laser for minor aesthetic gum contouring, improved periodontal therapy, and to help canker and cold sores heal more rapidly. Lasers greatly reduce post operative sensitivity and healing time.
Dr. Stefanie utilizes a small digital intraoral camera to allow you to visualize what she herself is seeing and diagnosing. The images from your mouth are directly displayed on the trackmounted monitors that you are able to easily visualize whether sitting up or reclined back.
Our dental units dispense only distilled water to keep all dental lines clean and safe. Any water that comes through the dental drills or water tips is from distilled, bottled water to enhance infection control.
Dr. Stefanie utilizes the latest LED overhead lighting which produces a precise box of light that can be focused on the mouth and not into the patients eyes! It reduces the amount of electricity and can also more precisely match your white restorations with its special settings.
Most people experience some level of anxiety when visiting the dentist. Dr. Stefanie offers nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to calm any nerves you may have. We also work closely with a licensed dental anesthesiologist to provide sleep dentistry to those who require a deeper level of sedation.
Dr. Stefanie utilizes state of the art electric drills. Although no one likes the sound of a dental drill, the electric drills greatly reduce the high-pitch noises and amount of vibration emitted into the tooth.
Enjoy a selection of coffee, teas, water and juices before or after your appointment.
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